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Past Projects

We can design and manufacture a wide variety of products built to your specifications. Email or contact us us to find out more. Our custom designed products range from a simple power supply unit and measurement instrumentation through to electronics used purely for aesthetics!

Ground Testing unit


The photograph above shows a complete self-contained portable ground testing instrument which we developed for a leading specialist flooring contractor. It has a load cell input and an LVDT (Linearly Variable Differential Transformer) input, two internal batteries (one as a backup) and an internal non-volatile storage database to record all measurements taken for a number of sites.

Barrier Controller

GMC1x system

The customer requested a replacment controller unit for controlling automatic traffic control barriers that matched the same specifications as their original. This system comprised a base "Motherboard" (designed to interface with existing components), a new plug-in control module and an HMI for setup.

Interactive Wall


The photograph above shows a small section of a 28 metre long "interactive" LED wall display. The system comprised 139 panels of white LEDs and a number of ceiling mounted PIR sensors linked to a central control unit. The brightness of each LED was continuously adjusted to produce a "wave" effect flowing down the length of the wall. The wave was interrupted when a person was detected walking along the corridor and it then "followed" the person. The video can be viewed below.

Kingpin Detection Unit

Kingpin Detection System

The kingpin detection system was designed to be built into the cab of articulated trucks and give the driver an indication of the status of the kingpin on the trailer. The system reduced the chance of misaligned kingpins with the 5th wheel and sunsequent damage should the driver pull away.

Powered Shelving Controllers

Powered Shelving System

A leading shelving manufacturer approached GJG to outsource their electronic business functions. Working closely with the customer GJG were able to offer a full design and manufacturing service and were also able to advise them for the further development of powered shelving units.

In-Cab Information System

In-Cab Information System

Originally designed to be a vandal reistant messaging system, it quickly evolved into a system that was a lot more capable. The final design saw a removable vandal resistant touch screen placed into the cabs of refuse collection trucks and allowed full interactivity between crews and managers back at the depot. With real time GPS, Wi-Fi, SMS messaging, GPRS mobile communications, cargo weights, destinations and other date available to both the crews and the managers to facilitated the economical management of the collection of househould waste and recyclable products. The unit also linked into the vehicles bus system (e.g J1937) and if required was able to transmit vehicle data back to the depot.

These examples are just a small sample of many diverse projects that we have been involved in. Please contact us or email to find out if we can help you!