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Specialist Control Panel Design and Manufacture

By working collectively (Please see our Software Development for dedicated PLC programming) we are able to provide a control requirement solution to a broad range of industries, including water treatment, bakeries, industrial control applications and environmental control and monitoring. Our panels are usually one-off and bespoke systems, from small panels with a few switches that can fit into one hand to huge cabinets, which incorporate PLC, HMI or touchscreen technology, each unit is designed and built to your exact requirements and specifications, we even have the capacity to overhauls or upgrade existing panels and units if if they have been worn or damaged.

Continuing Support

Not only can we offer a complete design and manufacture process, we can also offer comtinuing support to your new or refurbished control panel, including scheduled and unscheduled maintenance programmes, emergency breakdown support and continuing improvement modifications.

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Initial Designs to Service Support

All control panels are custom designed utiliisng the latest CAD/CAM software packages. They are all manufactured and tested to the highest specification and international standards including BS EN 61439 and PUWER 1998 to meet a wide range of applications. We provide consultancy to solving client problems with innovative solutions and our panels range from single pushbutton stations and wall mounted assemblies through to complete panel suites and process lines.


We offer control panels for a wide variety of tasks and application areas.
Some of our specialist areas include:

  •   Power Distribution
  •   Low Voltage Distribution Boards
  •   Form 1, 2, 3 and 4 Control Panel Design
  •   Operator Stations
  •   Control Desks
  •   Motor Control Centres
  •   Machine Safety Control Panels
  •   Pneumatic Systems Control Panels
  •   Food and Bakery Control Systems
  •   Air Handling
  •   HVAC
  •   UPS Integration
  •   Bespoke Enclosures
  •   HMI Control Panels

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Standards and Compliance

All panels designed by us comply with all the relevant control panel standards. During the manufacture phase, each panel receives a unique ID to which a design and complaince document is attached. You can rest assured any panel designed and manufactured by us fully complies with the latest Control Panel Standards.

Batch Production

Batch Production

We specialise in bespoke single control panels, however, we are able to provide continuing manufacturing capabilities if required, ensuring cost effective small volume production.

Bespoke Panel Design

Bespoke Control Panel Design

We design and manufacture bespoke control panel enclosures for a variety of industries, environments and applications. Our control panels are built to the customers exact specifications and normally interface into the customer's own products or systems. This method provides a cost effective alternative.

Creating the Difference

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